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Saturday, in the park [Jul. 22nd, 2006|07:16 pm]
The Green Room


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[Gil] *is at the park with Kayla and lunch, sitting down near the water*
[Kayla] I've never been here before. I knew we had a park here, but I just never had occasion to visit.
[Gil] Really? I'da thought dudes would be taking you here all the time.
[Gil] So they could make totally cheesy remarks about, like, how pretty it is here but you're prettier, and stuff like that.
[Kayla] *giggles* That's sweet, but no. Dudes don't take me anywhere.
[Kayla] Well, not till you.
[Gil] Serious?
[Gil] Were they scared away by your momma?
[Kayla] *giggles* Well, I've had some dates. But never anything serious. I just never met a boy I liked enough to have a relationship with, until you.
[Gil] Aw! Lucky for me!
[Kayla] Lucky you indeed. You're special. *smiles*
[Gil] *ducks his head* Only cause you are.
[Kayla] Aww... *kisses the top of his head* And modest, too.
[Gil] *smiles* Maybe a little.
[Gil] I just, I dunno. I can't figure it out some days, you know? You're so awesome, I can't be the only one to have noticed.
[Kayla] *blush* Well, I'm sure my family thinks I'm pretty sweet, too. Oh, and I had a crush on Matthew when I first met him a couple of years ago, but y'know.. he's totally gay.
[Kayla] So I don't think he counts.
[Gil] I guess he is kinda a pretty boy, huh? *grins* And, uh, your family's supposed to think you're sweet.
[Kayla] Yeah, plus he's a real sweet person when you get to know him. Kind of quiet, but hey.
[Gil] yeah, I'm figuring that out. He looks like he'd be a total snot. I'm glad he ain't.
[Kayla] Yeah, he's way down to earth. Barry too- they're both sweet.
[Gil] they are. I like 'em all a lot.
[Kayla] I'm glad they're getting married. I want to get them some sort of present, but I don't know what
[Gil] Yeah, I've been trying to think of something too.
[Gil] I hope they're not mad at us -- I know we ducked outta there pretty fast. It's not that I ain't happy for them.
[Kayla] Aww, I don't think they are. They understand how it is.
[Gil] Good. I'da figured they *wanted* us all to leave. *grins*
[Gil] I woulda kicked everyone out in a second, myself.
[Kayla] *giggles* Yeah, I think they were on their way to go on home and hang up the monkey.
[Gil] Uh-huh. I didn't hear anything when we got in, though.
[Kayla] Well, there is the shop floor between us in the basement and them upstairs. They'd have to be awful loud.. *blushes a bit*
[Gil] well, yeah...
[Gil] I guess i could always distract you if it came to maybe hearing them. *grins*
[Kayla] *giggles and blushes more* I'm sure you could.
[Gil] But it's not the *only* thing I'm thinkin' of, I promise. I just *like* you.
[Kayla] Oh, I know... and.. well, I mean I haven't before, but it's not like I don't want to.... *more blushing*
[Gil] I just don't wanna rush these things..cause I've gotta get it right, this time. *blushes too*
[Kayla] Do you think we should.. before you go, or like.. wait until you get back sometime after that? *can't quite look at him through the whole embarassment thing, and thus studies the water going down the creek*
[Gil] Uh, well, we can do it whenever you want..I just don't wanna..distract you too much from school or something...
[Kayla] Well, I don't think it's.. um... going to distract me from school or anything. But... I'm worried it might be more difficult for us being apart if we do. So.. maybe we should wait and have something to look forward to.
[Gil] Yeah..maybe you're right..but we could still consider it. *grins*
* Kayla giggles. Alright, we'll see what happens. We still have...six days.
[Gil] Is that all? *frowns*
[Gil] *scoops her up and hugs tight*
[Kayla] *sobering quickly* ...yeah, that's it. And tonight is the show, and tomorrow is the wedding, and monday you go in the studio... *hugs and clings*
[Gil] See, it's this stuff that just ain't *fair*. '
[Kayla] *sigh* It's not. But you gotta do your thing and do well at it.
[Gil] I know, I know..
[Gil] I hate to keep bitching about it.
[Kayla] No, it's alright hon- I totally understand. I feel the same way.
[Gil] yeah, but we don't wanna be one of those boring couples. It's not like I don't already love every single second we get to hang out.
[Kayla] You do? I do too. *pets his hair*
[Gil] Course I do! *pets back*
[Kayla] And I think we'll have fun talking to each other and sending letters, too. I mean, not as much fun as being together, but... still.
[Gil] I wouldn't be so broken up about this if i didn't feel like we had so much lost time to make up.
[Gil] Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. You think I should get a phone or something?
[Kayla] That'd probably be helpful. *nods*
[Kayla] And email and such- Barry and Matthew will let you use the laptop, and I have a computer.
[Gil] Uh, yeah..maybe you could walk me through that. I never had much use for it, before. I'm not sure I really know how.
[Gil] I'm watched people use it. I'm not *totally* lost.
[Kayla] Sure... I can help you, no problem. *smiles* I'm not as good with it as Barry and Matty are, but I can do the basics.
[Gil] I gotta start somewhere, right?
[Gil] That's the thing, too -- you never make me feel bad about not being able to do the same sorts of things that most people just ...do.
[Gil] *laughs a little* It's like 'I can't leave yet! I've still got things to learn!'.
[Kayla] Why would I make you feel bad about anything? *kisses his nose* You just don't know how to yet, that's all. It's not a big deal.
[Gil] Yeah...
[Gil] I just ..never expected to end up here.
[Gil] I thought my whole life was gonna be little towns and bigger towns and more little towns. I'd hang around for awhile and then eventually I'd be somewhere else.
[Gil] so you don't need a phone when your life is like that. Who are you gonna talk to, anyway?
[Kayla] *frowns and pets his hair* You must have been terribly lonely.
[Gil] Yeah...but, again, who are you gonna tell that to?
[Gil] *sighs, then grins a little* I'm glad I can be all mopey around you. Those other guys would tear me apart.
[Kayla] I'm sure they wouldn't. You just got to give them a chance. *kisses his forehead* You don't have to be happy and playful and joking all the time, you know. You're allowed to have other emotions.
[Gil] Everyone's so stressed about this thing. They don't need my rainclouds on top of it.
[Kayla] Aww... *hugs* Well, you can always share with me. A little rain never hurt nobody.
[Gil] You're my own little umbrella.
[Kayla] Awww... *kisses*
[Gil] *kisses* Your momma would be proud. I wasn't so sappy before we met. *grins*
[Kayla] What were you like? I'd like to know more about you before you came here. The whole Gil-story.
[Gil] Well, let's see.
[Gil] *thinks, while idly petting the Kayla*
[Gil] I wasn't a dick, or anything, but I don't think i was nearly as nice. I had friends and stuff, but we didn't hang out much at all. I still felt like we were from totally different worlds even though we were working the same crappy sorts of jobs.
[Gil] So we'd be friendly enough while we were all working, but otherwise? Forget it. Everybody did their own thing. Granted, I was always the new guy. They at least usually lived around there, but for whatever reason, they were working these little crap jobs.
* Kayla listens and nods, understanding that.
[Gil] Like I said, they were pretty ..earthy. There was nobody gonna tell 'em not to talk about girls like that, so they just kinda said whatever they wanted.
[Gil] They were a lot rougher, too. I think one guy I knew once musta had someone break his nose once a week.
[Kayla] Ouch
[Kayla] Definitely different than here.
[Gil] Yeah. I don't even remember where that was, or when it was.
[Kayla] What brought you here, to this town?
[Gil] My feet, seriously. I dunno, some little town they ran me out of, and I was just tired of it. I was gonna stop at the next little town, and then the next one, and then the next one, but I didn't. I ended up here.
[Gil] *laughs a little* Did those dudes tell you how we all met?
[Kayla] No, they never really said.
[Gil] Uh, well..this is kinda embarassing.. *ducks his head*
[Gil] I mean, you know how i followed the music in from off the street, right?
[Gil] Like, I had no idea where i even was. some little restaurant, sure, some dudes playing music upstairs, no big deal. I asked Stephen if I could crash there, first off.
[Gil] Then when I found out they were trying to get a band together, I asked if they wanted somebody to carry their stuff around.
[Kayla] Wow... I didn't know that.
[Gil] And I mighta hit on Tina, a little. I didn't know her at the time, right, for more than, like 5 minutes.
[Kayla] You big flirt.
[Gil] yeah... *ducks his head*
[Kayla] So how'd you wind up in the band from there?
[Gil] Well, Stevedude pointed me at marie and told her that i was looking for a job, so once I was working there all the time, I saw those dudes all the time and we got to talking more.
[Gil] and then it kinda came out that I used to play the harmonica a bit just for fun, and they all bought me the ones I have now.
[Kayla] Aww! That's so great. See, everything was just meant to be.
[Gil] And then after that, I met you.
[Gil] Hm...
[Gil] cmon, I totally am in the mood for ice cream.
[Kayla] Alright, ice cream is good. *takes his hand and gets on up to pursue icecream*